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The Juvenile diabetes special services division was inaugurated in 1985 by Dr.K.S.Sanjivi (Founder VHS). This service started in larger scale in 1985 with a munificent donation from Mr.D.V.Krishnamurthy (Freedom fighter & a Gandhian) and his wife Hanumavathi. Dr.P.V.Ashabai heads the Juvenile Diabetic Research Unit. Studies on the comparative epidemiological variations of Insulin Dependent Diabetes in our country and its natural history are being done.
A unique feature of our services for Juvenile insulin dependent diabetes patients is the comprehensive free medicare given to them. We offer free medicine, insulin, syringes, full base line workup, annual check ups of routine renal & lipid profile, hepatic function, chest X-rays, Electro Cardiogram. Ultrasonography, fundus fluroscein angiograms, laser photocoagulation therepy (when needed), neurological investigations, investigations and treatment of diabetic foot problems, treatment of intercurrent problems in IDDM (hyper tension, cardiovascular, neurological, tuberculosis and short term illness). In addition regular treatment of DKA, hypoglycemia and other metabolic problems requiring hospitalizations are done free of cost for all IDDM cases. These services with constant improvements have been given to them for the past 30 years.
This has helped us to study and monitor the natural history of insulin dependent diabetes in South India, on a long term basis over the last 3 decades.
Yet another specialized service is the starting of Diabetes Renal Clinic in June 1997 with the help of Dr.Muthu Jayaraman, eminent Nephrologist, as visting consultant. We hope to provide a meaningful care for patients with diabetic nephropathy & renal failure, that would result in improving the quality of life as well as be cost effective for helping those in the lower economic sections of the society.
One of the important services of our department is the Diabetic Foot Clinic. Our consultant surgeon Dr.N.S.Murali has done pioneering work in limb salvage techniques which has been presented in National and International forums, several Occations.
Under the able guidance of Prof.K.Srinivas we have the Diabetes Neuro Clinic.
This unit will be rendering service for people with Diabetic neuropathies and a variety other associated neurological problems.
The Diabetes Pregnancy Unit was functioning at St. Isabel Hospital. Recently our consultant Dr.Prema Krishnaswami and Dr.Meenakshi Dhamija have started functioning in our department to improve the patient care, maintaince of the Registry fro Gestational Diabetes and to cater for the special needs of high risk Pregnancies associated with Diabetes.
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